Greetings RA

I have two different instruments I use for that purpose.  One is a hand 
held loupe, with three lenses which can be stacked.  The other is a 
hand held microscope, which also has a reticle that allows you to 
measure objects.  Regarding when you need to replace, the wear on a bad 
stylus is visible and generally unmistakable.  It should look smooth 
and (of course) be still rigidly mounted to the tracking pin.

You can find good loupes and microscopes at Edmund Scientific 
(  Try the F30-225 for $59 (x50 mag) if you like.

All the best


On Apr 7, 2004, at 11:17 AM, RA Friedman wrote:

> What's the best way? An economical way?  When do you replace?
> After how many hours of use should one check and re-check.
> For 78s? For LPs For "Acetates"?
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