Dear EAD friends,

Currently we produce some finding aids in which we put the details about
series (not quite item level description, but almost) in appendices at the
end of the printed version of the finding aid.  Right now, I have just
encoded the main text of the finding aid and posted them to the Online
Archives of California (OAC).  I amend the text to tell the researcher that
an appendix with details is available at the State Archives.

However, I would like to include these appendices in the encoded version
since they include some very useful information.  My first thought is to
simply encode them as c02 under the series to which they refer.  However,
they are quite lengthy and the current display rules for OAC seem to mean
that the whole list would display when that series was selected.  Thus, I
tend to prefer the appendix idea at the end of the display of the finding

So below is something I just came up with.  Do you think it is acceptable
within EAD and archival standards.

<dsc type="combined">
<head>Series Description</head>
<c01 level="series">
 <unitid>Series 1. </unitid>
<unittitle>Bill Files, <unitdate
. . .
<c01 level="series">
<unitid>Series 2. </unitid>
<unittitle>Hearing Files, <unitdate type="inclusive">1951-1992,
. . .
[four or five more series]

. . .
<c01 level="otherlevel" otherlevel="Appendices">
<unitid>Appendix A </unitid>
<unittile>Hearing Topics, <unitdate type="inclusive">1951-1992,
. . .

Comments very welcome,

Self-taught EADer
Lucy Barber
California State Archives
1020 "0" St
Sacramento, CA 95814
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