I am just about to finish teaching my advanced cataloging class which
includes several weeks in which we look at metadata other than MARC and

Among other things that we do in the class are to look at various digital
projects that are available on the web and the kinds of metadata that are
presented to the public.  Most of the various digital library software
packages that are available contains some type of metadata data entry
template--many are based more or less on Dublin Core, but some are based on
locally developed schemes.  My goal from looking at the various sites is for
the students to realize that not only do the digital library packages
differ, but that different types of digitized data may call for differing
data elements.  Digital photos of historic costumes need data elements that
are different from digitized sheet music.  Scores need different data from
sound recordings!  We also discuss the indexing implications related to the
presence/absence of data elements and how this might relate to federated
searching tools.

My students are assigned to complete Dublin Core metadata records for 3
websites of their own choosing.  I do ask that they are in good taste.  I
must say I've learned a lot about popular and rock music!  I then evaluate
the records based upon my viewing of the sites.

My goal is for my students to be someplace between level II and level III
after completing the class.  The state of Michigan has a number of digital
projects underway and is going to need a number of individuals who can
participate in the planning and execution of these projects.

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> Cataloging educators and trainers:
> The EDUCAT list has been created to continue the discussion begun at
> the ALA Midwinter workshop on Preparing 21st Century Cataloging and
> Metadata Educators and Trainers, and to facilitate a wider discussion
> among educators, trainers, and practitioners. We have not yet advertised
> this list beyond the workshop attendees so that questions and issues
> raised at the conference could be addressed first before the wider
> community participates.
> To start the discussion rolling, let me raise the question of the
> Levels of Expertise spelled out in Ingrid Hsieh Yee's report. There was
> a fair amount of back and forth about the Level I expertise, that is,
> the skills and knowledge recommended for all LIS students through a
> required course on organization of information. This level requires a
> general understanding of cataloging concepts and principles, but does
> not include coverage of specific cataloging standards such as AACR2 and
> MARC except as examples.
> Level II is aimed at students planning careers in cataloging and
> metadata, and Level III defines expertise needed to design manage
> digital projects.
> What should be the core competency of all LIS students in the area of
> cataloging and metadata?
> Please feel free to address other issues related to cataloging and
> metadata education. We look forward to a lively discussion list.
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