You have definitely addressed exactly my question here. However, the ID
attribute cannot be repeated in the MODS record. So, if I have two themes
that I need to represent, using your suggestion I will have to represent
it as follows:

        <mods:subject authority="local" ID="AT1">
        <mods:subject authority="local" ID="AT1">

From your suggestion, all "themes" will have to have the same values for
@Authority and @ID to map them to the "theme" category using an XSL. But
ID is of type xsd:ID, and cannot be repeated. It's not like an ID for the
authority, from what I understand it is just an element ID. Did I get this

Also, the list of possible authorities is not controlled, but there is a
reference to the list at in the MODS

So, I cannot really use just @Authority to represent the category.

I will appreciate any help from you on this.


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The @authority and @id should identifies the category of the data
contained in the subject/topic elements. When you write the XSL for
transforming the data for display you should be able to transform
@authority="local" + @ID="xxx" to the corresponding name of the subject
category. Or am I missing the gist of your question?

Best wishes,


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Date: Thursday, April 15, 2004 10:49 am
Subject: [MODS] Representing metadata using MODS

> Hi,
> I am trying to represent some metadata terms using MODS for which I
> was currently using the MODS:Subject element. The metadata I am trying
> to represent belongs to distinct categories such as Ethnic Group,
> Theme, Instrument Type, Performance Technique, etc. The values for
> these fieldswill be populated using existing lists of controlled
> vocabulary where
> appropriate or else locally defined values.
> Using the MODS Subject field, I am representing this information as
> follows:
>        <mods:subject authority="local" ID="CV1 ">
>                <mods:topic>Ethnic_Group_Value</mods:topic>
>        </mods:subject>
>        <mods:subject authority="local" ID="CV2">
>                <mods:topic>Instrument_Type_Value</mods:topic>
>        </mods:subject>
>        <mods:subject authority="local" ID="CV3">
>                <mods:topic>Analytic_Theme_Value</mods:topic>
>        </mods:subject>
>        <mods:subject authority="local" ID="CV4">
>                <mods:topic>Instrument_Type_Value</mods:topic>
>        </mods:subject>
> However, representing the metadata as shown above, I cannot capture
> information about the category of the data contained in the subject
> elements.
> Is this a correct representation or should I be using some other
> elementsin MODS to represent this data? It would have been nice to
> have a type attribute with the Subject element or maybe a DisplayLabel
> so that whenthe information is retrieved, it can be displayed as
> belonging to a
> certain category.
> Thank you for your time,
> Prajakta Vaidya