I am more of a reader of this group than an active participant, but I will
be in North Carolina for the metasearch meeting.


At 09:27 AM Tuesday 04/20/04, Theo van Veen wrote:
>Currently it is not easy with SRU/W to broadcast the same query to many
>SRU/W servers because one has to take into account all the differences
>between different servers. Especially in metasearching I think it would
>be convenient when there was a possibility to send a query saying "give
>me what is closest to this query" and allow different servers to respond
>with a servers choice according to one or more predefined responses. The
>responses could a.o. be:
>1) searchRetrieveResponse
>2) scanResponse
>3) results of a fuzzy match
>4) number of hits for different access points
>5) etc.
>Without having to find out how to translate a query for different
>targets such an "give me the best you can" request returns one or more
>response blocks and the client can use the ones that it understands to
>generate guidance to the user to improve his search. It is not the same
>as the "x-scanOnSearchFail" parameter, because it can also apply to
>other situations. For example when there are thousands of hits a server
>could provide a response block in which it gives the number of hits for
>different indexes. The client can use this to propose new searches, even
>with indexes that it would not have offered otherwise.
>I remember having proposed something like this earlier and we will
>implement this as a private extension. However,  in the context of the
>NISO metaseach meeting there may be more support for this concept.
>1) Who would support a proposal for extending SRU/SRW with such an
>2) Should this be done via a new x-parameter or via a new operation?
>BTW Who of this group is attending the NISO metasearch meeting?

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