In JBuilderX

In the web services designer click on the icon that looks like a
document with a star and wheel on it, and click import from URL

This will give you a WSDLService1 box. Click on WSDLService1. You'll get
a dialog box with a label input WSDL file. Put

Finally click on the Server checkbox

Then build the project

Unfortunately the Axis in JbuilderX will give the error reported by Alan
(_whereInListType0 not found - I still use JBuilder 8 as my primary
development IDE and this exhibit this bug). A quick fix is to rename the
class _whereInList to _whereInListType0 (yes - that is the Axis bug, it
calls the class _whereInList, but then uses _whereInListType0 in the
other generated code!).

However, you could also try using the new draft schemas at where
I've now included a workaround for this.

For your own server you should make a local version of
srw-sample-service.wsdl - make sure that the import includes the full
url of the srw-bindings.wsdl on the LoC site, and modify the URL
endpoint of your service accordingly.