Dear AFC Board members and Staff,

I'm pleased to announce that the Health Resources and Services
Administration has awarded $200,000 for a project proposal AFC submitted
in collaboration with the Institute for Cultural Partnerships, the
American Society of Human Genetics, and the Genetic Alliance. The funds
will be used to support development of an oral history interview kit to
enhance genetic literacy.

The Healthy Choices through Family History Awareness Project aims to
increase awareness and understanding of the ways family history may
influence personal health. The project will use an oral history approach
to increase genetic literacy in underserved communities. By eliciting
health-related narratives, researchers hope to uncover potential risk
factors that might be overlooked in standard medical histories and that
might influence health care decision-making. AFC, as we all know, has
already gained great acclaim for its national oral history program, the
Veterans History Project.

The family history tool will create a way to explore and expand
knowledge of one's extended family, with particular attention to
health and illness. It will assist individuals and families to preserve
family medical history data, within the family, in a manner that can
inform future generations of relevant family medical history.

In the initial phase of this project, a team of folklorists, applied
anthropologists, and genetic health specialists will work with
low-income African-American and Latino communities in the Allison Hill
area of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to develop a family history tool which
will also be field-tested and implemented locally. This effort will be
coordinated by the Institute for Cultural Partnerships (ICP), based in
Harrisburg. ICP director Shalom Staub is the principal investigator of
this project, with AFC coordinating and assisting as a national

Kudos to AFC Folklife Specialist, Ilana Harlow, for taking the lead on
this grant proposal and for being our lead staff person on the project.
We will keep you informed as the project develops.



Peggy A. Bulger, Director
American Folklife Center
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