Hello fellows and friends,

Last week, I received a computer worm (which did no harm) from a computer
in Ohio (according to LC's network security team).  This computer is used
by someone who has both the [log in to unmask] and my [log in to unmask] address
either in its email archive or in its email address book.  Could it be you?

Since then, I've received two more infected attachments that make me think
one of our list-members' computers is infected with bad stuff.  One message
using Jennifer Schwelik, a fellow's address:
[log in to unmask] for the "from," and another, again causing
no harm (because of good security software) came from (or pretended to come
from)"[log in to unmask]" (not a list member).

It could be a coincidence.  But these are both school addresses in Ohio
school, which makes me think they are related.

What is likely is that both my email address and "[log in to unmask]"
and "[log in to unmask]" are among the correspondents of the
infected computer of this correspondent.  Of course everyone who uses the
Internet needs anti-virus software.  But if you use a computer or server in
Ohio and  you know have correspondence to/from these folks (even via
another mailing list), your computer or network *really* needs it
badly.  Please get it soon so that I may step down from my soap box.