From my experience, present analog tape formulations are horrible. I have
analog recordings that are 50 years old that are in better condition than
analog recordings that were made 20 years ago. My guess is that if you made
an analog master (or backup) on new analog tape, you would be having
problems playing it back 10 years from now.

Gary Higgins
The Living Word

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Hello Everyone!

I need to know how many of you, or how many institutions you know of,
make analog masters while making digital masters? I know of one A/D
grant project that is doing this.  They are making reel to reel masters
from the reel to reel or cassette original as well as making a wave.  So
my question is this a standard for digitizing audio and how many of you
practice this.
Best regards,

Preston Everett
Mississippi Department of Archives and History
Image & Sound Division
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