I know the Masterlink makes ISO 9660 discs of AIFF files (I own one as
well), but I have experienced occasional playback problems from machine to
machine (especially from older discs).  Have you had any experiences such as

What is your process of linking metadata with AIFF files?  Using the file
name as a link?

I agree with your thoughts regarding analog copies in this day and age.  At
$20+ per reel, you can buy a lot of other toys...


> From: matt Sohn <[log in to unmask]>
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> Date: Sat, 8 May 2004 11:58:20 -0400
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> Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] Analog Masters
> John,
> The CD-24 discs created on a Masterlink are AIFF files that can be extracted
> from the disc and read by any computer with the appropriate software
> (Wavelab, Protools, sound Forge etc.).
> The discs will not play in a standard CD player, but will play back on a
> Masterlink (as will regular CDs). I don't know of any other standalone
> players that will play back AIFF files.
> While I find the Masterlink to be a very useful tool for high resolution
> recording and archiving, the interface can be confusing for many civilians,
> also the naming convention for the CD-24 discs not allow for very long file
> names, which can be a drawback for archiving.
> -Matt Sohn