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Sent: Saturday, May 08, 2004 2:00 PM
Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] Analog Masters

> Matt,
> I know the Masterlink makes ISO 9660 discs of AIFF files (I own one as
> well), but I have experienced occasional playback problems from machine to
> machine (especially from older discs).  Have you had any experiences such
> this?

I haven't had any problems playing back discs, but I usually extract the
files onto the computer, rather than playing back from the Masterlink. I
wonder if the problems you experience are related to the discs you are
using? I use Mitsui Gold.

> What is your process of linking metadata with AIFF files?  Using the file
> name as a link?

In the jobs I have had, I don't really deal with metadata. That chore has
been the responsibility of the archivist. I would think that an elegant
solution would be to extract the files to a computer and save them as BWF
files, which allow for metadata to be included in the file header.

> I agree with your thoughts regarding analog copies in this day and age.
> $20+ per reel, you can buy a lot of other toys...

Yes, the only advantage I can see to analog tape is that failure is gradual
rather than catastrophic, unlike digital. I can understand why archivists
are afraid to let go of analog preservation schemes, but it's so damn