I'm doing research for a documentary about the blues musician Robert
Johnson, and we're trying to track down the recording equipment used for his
recording session in 1937 in Dallas, Texas.

I've been browsing through the ARSCLIST archives, and I hope I'm not
committing a huge faux pas by jumping in with this question...

I've been able to find out so far that the recording was done at the
American Record Company's warehouse in Dallas on 6/20/37. Also, I've read
that the recording equipment used 1-1.5 inches of hard beeswax, cut with a
diamond needle, and the master was kept under ice to keep it from melting.

Is it possible to find out the exact kind of recording equipment that was
used for the session? And if so, does anyone happen to know where I can
track down one of these recording machines/devices?

Thank you, and best regards,

Ann Yamamoto

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