The Mahler 3 is easy.  It's the F. Charles Adler on SPA.  The orch is a bit
scruffy, but it's stll my favorite performance, particularly of the outer
movements.  It was on a Chant du Monde CD- how it gothhere I'll never know.
It's the Vienna Conglomeratized Orchestra c. 1950- one of those late-night
gatherings of everyone who finished their regular gigs.

I forget the fellow's name who owned SPA but he lived in Saratoga where I
visited him many years ago and asked about this performance in particular
and F. Charles in gerenral.  No I didn't record the conversation.

As to the Frank, maybe the Gaubert (more likely) or Wolff, the Gaubert
because the often brought in brass from the Garde Repulican, a pretty
tradition-concious bunch.  Don't know if those two have made their way to CD
as yet.

Steve Smolian

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Trumpets in F

> Can anyone point me towards any recordings of symphony orchestras in
> which the trumpets use the old style (mid 19th century) large bore F
> trumpets?  I am particularly interested if a version of the Franck D
> minor was recorded that way.
> Also, what are the earliest recordings of Mahler's Symphony No. #3?
> Thanks
>  David Sager