I believe Vol.2 was printed in quantities to only sufficient satisfy subscribed purchases, and a very few more for store sales (Dobell's, et.al.).
Looked in bookfinder.com and addall.com and Amazon, none of vol.2 listed, one of vol.1, lots of the previous edition (1943-66).  Prices range from $55 to 300+.
If you need particular information, I think your best bet would be to find a library or collector with it and copy  what you need.
Lots of luck! Thomas Stern..

Mal Rockwell wrote:

It seems that there were lots of Volume 1 printed and many less of Volume 2. Finding Volume 2 will be tricky and probably very expensive. I've been looking for the second one for years now with no success.
Good luck.
Malcolm R


Steven Smolian wrote:

Does anyone have a copy to sell me of Leadbitter & Slaven. Blues Records, 1943-1970, Volume Two only.  I don't need the earlier edition or the fist volume of this one. Steve Smolian