Right on Steven!  I am mostly an observer of this list, considering myself a novice and non-professional.  I love following the different subjects you cover.  Why don't we forget these minor inconveniences and get on with business.  After all, this was not a Spam deluge...far, far from it.  This list is not my "domain" to use exclusively for my pleasure, nor is it anyone else's.  If you can't accept an apology, it shows that you are too undeveloped to play on this playground, anyway.  If people are going to be removed from this list for such a minor mistake, then please remove me, too. 

Michael Armour

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However, it seems a few people were
quite angry about it. Once again, my apology and if I need to be taken
off the list I can accept that.
If anyone wants information about the research fellowship contact me
personally I will not send it to the list.
How about a proposal for a research fellowship to study why people who
post to a list feel compelled to post complaints about posts that wouldn't
even be noticed if they were simply ignored.
This post proves that I know the feeling, but I don't really understand
In fact...easily answered!
1) Because SPAM and viral messages are so common these days, some folks feel
obligated to defend the e-mail lists they subscribe to against anything that
remotely smacks of either!

2) There are always those who believe that e-mail, and e-mail lists, were
specifically invented by the powers that be exclusively for their own
personal benefit...and, thus, the use of digital bandwidth for anything
that does not directly concern or involve them is a total waste of
Note that a similar attitude regarding expressways and freeways can be
observed quite often!

3) No research, AFAIK, has been done about the inherent qualities of e-mail
that all too often turns its users into fundamental orifices...


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