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I am transferring some 78s to a cassette deck. I bought some fluid specifically to clean the heads from Radio Shack. Since the ingredients are different forms of alcohol, it seems to me that the same fluid cannot be used on pinch rollers since they are made of rubber.

What should I use to clean the pinch rollers?

Thank you.

Sherwin Cerini
Pinch rollers are made of many materials so there can be no rules. I've seen ones that turned to gooey tar and others that got so hard they cracked. 
I haven't seen evidence that alcohol damages any, though overuse (after each tape pass) might.  I've reclaimed hardened ones with a material called "Re-Grip" from Rawn Company, Inc., Spooner, Wis. 54801 but this is not for routine cleaning.
What seems to work best for me is saliva applied with the finger followed with a good q-tip scrubbing.
Mike Csontos