Back in 1994 while I was doing my Graduate work in Washington D.C., LC was still creating their preservation copies on reel-to-reel. Since that point in time there has been alot of research conducted on storing digitally. For LC's current thinking check out:

It would seem to me, that the creation of analogue recordings are still, at least while we can still obtain blank mag stock, a very safe conservative approach in case anything was to happen to the server or the files. 

I am very excited that you posted this question, and wait with anticipation for the results.

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Hello Everyone!

I need to know how many of you, or how many institutions you know of,
make analog masters while making digital masters?
I know of one A/D grant project that is doing this.  They are making
reel to reel masters from the reel to reel or cassette original as well
as making a wave.  So my question is this a standard for digitizing
audio and how many of you practice this.
Best regards,

Preston Everett
Mississippi Department of Archives and History
Image & Sound Division
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