But it may not have been Carol who did it.  The problem with viruses these
days is that they fake the to/from lines and look very legitimate.  Any of
you subscribed to LCCN got 3 virus messages "from me" this weekend.  None
were from me (I've checked and re-checked my machine) but since I'm the
only email address authorized to send to LCCN, a virus happened upon the
correct combination of addresses to/from to get messages across
LCCN.  I've since disabled that list until I need to send out an
issue.  As I noted on the SACO list, if the subject is short, the text is
short without a decent explanation in the text, and there's not much of a
signature block, delete it and be safe.

David Williamson

On Mon, 10 May 2004, Caroline R. Miller wrote:

> BIBCO colleagues,
> Carol Hixson's e-mail system just sent out a message that contained a
> virus.  Please do not open up the attachment.
> Caroline
> Caroline R. Miller
> Head, Monographic Cataloging and Authority Sections
> UCLA Library Cataloging Center
> Young Research Library
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