I was wondering what the experience of the coders was concerning the
EAD 1.0 @pubstatus attribute (TITLE; TITLEPROPER) deprecated in EAD

I think it is important since this attribute has enumerated values in
EAD 1.0 DTD.

  <xs:enumeration value="pub" />
  <xs:enumeration value="unpub" />
  <xs:enumeration value="unknown-pub" />

I see two issues:
1. Where to move the information to?
2. How to preface the data? @label? String?

I had the following ideas:
1. move the data in EAD 2002
    a. TITLE/@TYPE (@TYPE is a new EAD 2002 attribute no value
conflicts and values are not enumerated by DTD)
    b. TITLEPROPER/@TYPE (@TYPE is NOT a new EAD 2002 attribute.
Conflicts of existing attribute and data is possible. But there are
no enumerated values for @TYPE in EAD 2002.)

2. label?
Mabye the data could be moved to an element that has a @label
attribute (Note?).

Mike Ferrando
Library of Congress

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