I have used XMLSpy since version 3.0 which was much less sophisticated
than the current one.
I think it's a fine XML editor, very friendly and quite powerfull, even
if I have not used it for very complicated matters.
I also wold like to ear from someone if the popularity of XMetal would
be based on historical reasons.

Josť Mariz
Instituto dos Aquivos Nacionais/Torre do Tombo

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Assunto: Altova XMLSpy

         Has anybody used Altova XMLSpy
as an XML editor for treating and/or creating
EAD inventories and, if not, why not?
         I have seen documentation about
XMetaL, NoteTab and Oxygen and nothing
about XMLSpy and EAD. Is there any sort
of incompatibility?
         I have just tried to import an EAD
Schema (ead.xsd), which I found over the Net,
into XMLSpy instead of the classical EAD DTD
and, successfully, as it seems it worked.
Unfortunately, I can't go forth... for now.

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