Fellow Educatters:

   As you may know CDS has begun adding cataloging education/training
resources to the upcoming web version of Cataloger's Desktop.  A goal is
to make Desktop more useful for supporting cataloging education and
continuing education activities for library students, library
technicians, catalogers, and non-cataloger library professionals.  As
this develops and evolves, it is likely that the web version of
Cataloger's Desktop may serve as a cataloging web portal.

   Anita Coleman's message below includes a couple of URLs that are
good candidates for inclusion in the web version of Cataloger's Desktop.
 I have written her offline and she has graciously agreed to our linking
to these resources.  I am writing to the Educat list in the hopes that
there are other web resources that should be added to Cataloger's
Desktop.  If you are aware of such resources, would you please write me
OFFLIST at <[log in to unmask]> and provide me with your recommendations?
Additionally, it would be helpful if you would suggest to which of the
following categories your recommendation(s) should be applied:

- Cataloging Education - Instruction for Library Science Students
- Cataloging Education - Continuing Education
- Cataloging Education - Instruction for Library Technical Staff
- Cataloging Education - Instruction for Non-Catalogers

   Thank you very much for your help.

Bruce Johnson
Team Leader
Cataloger's Desktop Development Team

Bruce Chr. Johnson
Library of Congress
Cataloging Distribution Service
Washington, DC 20540-4911 USA

202-707-1652 (voice)  [log in to unmask]
202-707-3959 (fax)

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> I'd love the URLs Anita, thanks.

Fall 2003 course outline:

Knowledge Structures Toolbox:

Forgot to mention that this course is entirely online (for pedagogical
reasons as much as access to remote students).

If you are curious to see the course evolution here are the URLS for
fall 2001, and fall 2002,

Fall 2001 student submissions (before grading) are at the Learning

You'll notice the Toolbox also evolved (fall 2001 - and was much leaner and
probably more usable (for intro purposes).