Discussion Paper 2004-DP04: Use of ISBNs and LCCNs in MARC 21
Bibliographic Records
Online at:

Of the several papers listed for discussion at a meeting of the MARC
Advisory Committee on Saturday, June 26, 2004 and Sunday, June 27,
2004 in Orlando, the one above would seem to have the most immediate
impact upon us, particularly if any OPACs for which we create records
attempt to adopt FRBR display (relating the bibliographic records for
different manifestations of a single work).

Two possible ways of expanding 010 LCCN and 020 ISBD to accommodate
LCCNs/ISBNSs of related manifestations are suggested, one by expanding
the meaning of $z (now cancelled or erroneous numbers), the other by
introducing $y for the numbers of related manifestations.

I would strongly urge the introduction of 010$y and 020$y.  If these
numbers are to be indexed as those of related manifestations, or are to
be used to concatenate individual bibliographic records for related
manifestations, it is important that they not be mixed with erroneous
and cancelled ones.

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