Location in MODS 2.0 did not have subelements and did have the authority
attribute. Because MODS 3.0 now makes a distinction between an identifier
and an electronic location, <location> now has 2
subelements: <physicalLocation> (which is equivalent to the MODS 2.0
location) and <url>, which was added. So <physicalLocation> takes the
attributes that location did in 2.0: authority, displayLabel, lang,
xml:lang, script and transliteration.

See the outline:


On Wed, 19 May 2004, Ruth Bogan wrote:

> What are the attributes for "location" and its subelement
> "physicalLocation" in MODS 3? I think I am confused between versions 2
> and 3. But also, I'm looking at the first example in the user
> guidelines for v.3. It shows the attribute "authority" at the
> "location" level, but the description directly above it shows the
> attribute "authority" at the subelement level.
> Thanks for any help through the fog here.
> Ruth
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