Could somebody advise me please? The AHDS is a digital archive and we would
like to record the 'date of deposit' in addition to the standard
date-related subelements of MODS (date issued, created, captured, valid, and
modified). Could this be done by qualifying <originInfo> by the use of a
local subelement such as <ahds:dateDeposited>?

e.g. <mods:originInfo>

or would I have to use <extension>?

e.g. <mods:extension><ahds:dateDeposited>

 - the latter would seem rather clunky in that 'date of deposit' is clearly
date-related and therefore concerns the same basic concept as the existing
date-related subelements of <originInfo>.

There are quite a few MODS elements that we would like to refine locally but
but the user guidelines seem to me to only offer a mechanism for introducing
completely new elements. Are local subelements permissible and is there a
recommended approach? Similarly, can one introduce local attributes?

Any help would be appreciated. We're at the stage of considering whether to
use MODS.

Thanks in advance,

Malcolm Polfreman

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