One approach is to make use of a scheme such as the OpenURL standard uses: see, specifically the Initial Registry Content
document, section 8.1 "Key/Encoded-Value Metadata Format to Describe Journals".

In short, one has four fields available:

        date, which can take an ISO 8601 date

        ssn, encoding a season code

        quarter, encoding a quarter number

        chron, capturing some non-normalized form of an enumeration or chronology

Your example would be:


The SICI standard had instead of this a YYYYSS format for year and special code, which is
somewhat less satisfying in that it overloads six-digit number from merely year and month.


Bruce D'Arcus wrote:
> Quick question:
> What's the best way to the code the date for a journal article where
> you have something like "Winter 2003"?
> Bruce