One possibility would be something like

<dateIssed encoding="iso8601"


<dateIssued encoding="iso8601" point="start">19991031</dateIssued>
<dateIssued encoding="iso8601" point="end">20000202</dateIssued>
(The period from Hallowe'en to Lammas :))

A better solution might be to treat seasonal issue names as issue
numbers (since that's what they take the place of):

    <dateIssued encoding="iso8601">1999</dateIssued>
<relatedItem type="host">
        <detail type="issue">

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On May 12, 2004, at 8:13 AM, nigel kerr wrote:

> One approach is to make use of a scheme such as the OpenURL standard
> uses: see
>, specifically the
> Initial Registry Content
> document, section 8.1 "Key/Encoded-Value Metadata Format to Describe
> Journals".

Karen Coyle had mentioned one coding (I forget which) where you have
something like 2003-44.  That's an option, but there's no way to
indicate this encoding currently.

In any case, I guess this raises two questions:

1)  Is there any clever way to code this in MODS now?  I was thinking
of maybe:

        <dateIssued encoding="w3cdtf">1999</dateIssued>

2)  Could MODS use a minor change here or there (for example, an
additional data encoding option?)?