At 04:11 PM 6/17/2004 +0200, D Basson wrote:
>Hi, Mike
>Thanks very much for a very interesting reply!  The recordings were made in
>MONO.   The album, which was released by Columbia, consists of Weill's
>Berlin and American Theater Songs.

>  AFAIK, only the
> > Dreigroschenoper was recorded in stereo.

Yes, I have the two original issues on monaural LP - in fact, have
digitized them for my own enjoyment. IIRC, they will just about squeeze
into 80 minutes together. I do not recall the reissue, which I assume was
on LP. I phrased my observation about stereo as I did because I do not know
when Columbia began recording in stereo - other studios discovered only
decades after release that masters of monaural issues had been in stereo.

There has been a tendency on both LP and CD reissues to attempt to
'correct' the high-frequency limitations of typical LPs by peaking the
treble just beyond the rolloff. The result looks great when fed with sine
waves but is often disastrous with the human voice. (Decca/London has been
the worst in my experience, turning some of the great classical recordings
of the early stereo era into brittle, unlistenable trash.) If you want to
know whether that is a factor, send me your snailmail address privately and
I'll make you a copy of my digitizing. I will not suggest that it is of the
quality you need, but at least it is true to the sound of her voice on the
original LPs. Incidentally, any attempt to remove that peaking exacerbates
the problem since at best it corrects only amplitude.

You have not indicated for whom you are doing the work; I assume that it is
not Columbia or they would have provided master tapes, not LPs (surely,
they have kept those). Working from a reissue means that a second engineer
has had an opportunity to "improve" the recording.

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