Recently I encountered something called "ArchivalWare CD Preservers." They
are available from university products. From the blurb...

"Did you know that the expected lifespan of most CDs/DVDs is from 2 to 20
years depending on usage and storage? You can E-X-T-E-N-D the life of your
discs 40 years or more with University Products' Exclusive ArchivalWare
(r) Storage System with Corrosion Intercept (r) Technology."

"University Products is pleased to announce that new testing of Lucent
Bell Labs' Corrosion Intercept (r) Technology indicates substatnial
increases in CD longevity by storing them in Corrosion Intercept (r)
enclosures. Recent studies have shown CD life to be extended form 40 to
120 years. Ozone and reactive oxygen cause the aluminum layer on the
CD/DVD to break down. When aluminum in a thin film oxidizes it becomes
clear and unable to reflect the laser puse attempting to read the
disc...The permanent neutralization of corrosive gasses also prevents
fungus and bacterial growth...The clar flim which is UV protected will not
lift images from the face of laser or inkjet produced labels..."

Anyone have any insight on this they would like to share?