On 09/06/04, Karl Miller wrote:
> On Tue, 8 Jun 2004, David Seubert wrote:
>> I'm trying to get an idea of which institutions intentionally collect
>> piano rolls. And of the institutions that collect them (or have
>> collections), are any of these collections cataloged or used?
> We collect piano rolls. We maintain a list of what we have and they
> are used. I should add that there is a man who lives here in Austin
> who has been working with reproducing pianos for over 40 years. To
> date I have released five discs of his transfers on my label, Pierian.

And very good they are too.

Anyone with an interest in the composers featured should get hold of
these discs. They cover Debussy, Granados, Ravel, and Scriabin.

I have not yet heard the other disc, which features a performer.

It is a pity the Welte-Mignon was not invented 50 years earlier.

Don Cox
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