On Wed, 9 Jun 2004, Don Cox wrote:

re: the releases on my label...

> And very good they are too.
> Anyone with an interest in the composers featured should get hold of
> these discs. They cover Debussy, Granados, Ravel, and Scriabin.
> I have not yet heard the other disc, which features a performer.

Thanks for the kind words. The release is devoted to the playing of Fannie
Bloomfield Zeisler. It was one of those releases you do even when you know
they won't sell...and she hasn't. She was really one of the greats. Her
life story, would make a great movie. She worked with the great conductors
of her time, including Mahler.

The next issue will offer some of the earliest Welte rolls, done in 1905,
featuring Carreno.

> It is a pity the Welte-Mignon was not invented 50 years earlier.

When I first started on this project I knew very little about the
mechanism. The more I learn about it, the more I marvel at what they built
back then.