From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad

dave nolan wrote:

> I'm not sure about jewel cases, but I have just migrated my large collection
> of CDs and CDRs to "JewelSleeves".
..................... [accomodate] 1 on either side of the soft synthetic pad
inside the
> vinyl jewelsleeve (and 3 if you squeeze them in tight - good for 3-disc
> concert recordings you are likely to not access very frequently).

----- I am going to check the website you quote, however I felt it more
important to get a warning out straight away: you do not want a sleeve made
of "vinyl", i.e. softened polyvinyl chloride. The softening agent - which is
usually detectable by its smell - will to some extent act as a solvent for at
least the lacquer layer involved in the label printing and possibly (in some
polycarbonates used for the disc itself) provoke crizzling in the long term.
For this reason play it safe, use non-smelly polyethylene sleeves and keep
them in the dark.

The normal jewel cases are made of polystyrene, which breaks easily, or an
alloy with a different polymer, and they do not interact with the contents.

Kind regards,