"Richard L. Hess" wrote:

> I like Graham's idea, but I worry about the inter-channel, short- and
> long-term timebase differences.

The idea is that you play each track (outside and inside) on the same
turntable in the same session, all with the same hardware, and that
compensates for any speed differences that might creep in.  You then
zoom in to maximum and *carefully* align the two files in the workstation,
which should track properly.  You should be able to adjust the files to
better co-incidence than obtainable with the variations of cartridge
mounting and stylus positioning when mounted in the in the twin head
playback arm.

Remember, there is a LOT of slop in these binaural discs because they
were going for W I D E stereo and ping-pong effects to dramatize the stereo
soundscape for the listener.

... Graham Newton

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