Dear Randy:

The first advice that comes to my mind is make sure the truck does not
leak.  We moved our archives to a new facility last September, and it
rained the day we began moving the collections.
The moving van, which was a medium size u-haul, began to leak on our
microfilm collection.  We
had to replace the trucks.   We used acid free packing paper in each box
of fragile materials to absorb any shifiting.  Do not stack more than
two boxes.  As far as heat, if you can get a climate controlled truck
you would fix that problem, but you really need to go straight without
Pack some food & water and find another driver.

Best regards,
Preston Everett
Mississippi Department of Archives and History
Image & Sound
Audio-Visual Curator

Sirnailhead JR Superfly wrote:

>Hey..I'm moving a large collection of LPs, 7"s, CDs and such via a 10
>foot moving box truck during the last week of June.  I will be going from
>Chicago to DC, so it will probably take 2 days, unless I can find another
>soul who wants to share the driving and make it one shot.  I'm interested
>in any advice any of you may have on doing this with the least possible
>damage.  Mainly I'm concerned about the potential heat inside the truck.
>I will probably be stacking the records in the boxes with lids that Bags
>Unltd has near the front and then packing the rest of the stuff around
>that to keep it safe from shifting.  Is there anyway to prevent warping
>from heat?  Any tricks, advice, ideas of what not to do about this or any
>other situations that might come up would be much obliged.   I know this
>is closer to the outer edge of the topic, but I"m hoping some of you who
>might have dealt with larger collections at Schools, Museums, and such
>might have picked up some tricks or words of wisdom I might find useful.
>Thanks.  Randy