The late Bill Malloch issued (I think) the Feuermann/Taube Dvorak Concerto
on a mono CD.  Where he had alternate takes, they were on facing channels.
You swung the balance switch to one side or the other to hear the take you

Which brings up an issue implied in the foregoing conversation.  Should mono
records, engineered to be heard through one speaker, be faulted if they are
programmed to play back that way?  Of course, either channel can be switched
(on some systems) to come out of both speakers anyway.

Speaking for myself, I expect any tranfer work I do to be heard through a
two-channel system.  Others?

Steve Smolian
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> At 09:58 AM 6/25/2004 -0400, Robert Hodge wrote:
> >Which makes me think , is there such a thing as crosstalk ( or any of
> >permutations ) on a CD,or any other digital format ?  If  not , could one
> >disc be used to store twice as much audio in a " half track " monaural
> >mode ?  I realise that each independant channel would have to be
> >transferred to each channel at the same time .
> >
> >Letting the imagination wander a bit.
> There is crosstalk on playback, but only at a negligible level, well below
> the noise in any monaural source likely to be used.
> I have made such dual-monaural recordings and, indeed, have some
> releases. For most purposes, the problem of index marks is prohibitive,
> where that of single-channel playback is simply inconvenient. (When the
> commercial releases were on the market, a three-CD set came with a channel
> selector switch to be installed between CD player and preamp. Needless to
> say, even with the lower price, it did not prove popular.)
> Mike
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