Yes, they do.  In fact, we've been using three of them for the last four
years without any problems for use with our 16" transcription library.
I believe they normally come with the Stanton 500 cartridge with a 2.7
mil stylus for 78/transcription work. However, they don't come with a
preamp, so you'd need some sort of outboard unit.  Our unit is the ATEN
seven speed model still selling for $499, but no longer comes with the
cartridge; that is a separate purchase.  We bought ours from this vendor
and had excellent service, but there are, of course, others who sell the
deck and preamps:

They carry other tables, so you aren't obligated or steered to just

Hope this is of help.

Rod Stephens
Family Theater Productions

Angie at Avocado Productions wrote:

>Esoteric Sound sells modified turntables.  I think they even sell just a tonearm with 16" capacity.
>Angie Dickinson
>From:   Konrad Strauss
>Sent:   Tuesday, June 29, 2004 12:40 PM
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>Subject:        [ARSCLIST] 78 rpm transfer equipment
>I need to put together a transfer station for 78s, including 16" diameter
>discs. What equipment is currently recommended? Years ago I would have gone
>for the Technics SP1200 turntable/SME tonearm/Stanton 500 cartridge with an
>Owl preamp. Is this still available?
>Konrad Strauss
>Recording * Editing * Mastering * Production