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<< We're interested, for the sake of comparison, in taking the software route
this time. Any experiences using CEDAR software, Sonic Laundry, and other
programs at various budget levels would be very interesting. >>

The Waves X-restoration bundle is a remarkable bargain and works very well.
It should be used on a very up-to-date computer as you might note from its
host requirements -- either native or in a Pro Tools TDM environment.

It works very fast and is quickly undoable.  You can also easily use
different settings on different parts of a file or piece of music, more aggressive
processing where needed, less or none where material is less damaged.

I agree with Ken Miller's comment onlist that Digidesign's DINR is not very
useful, especially for its price.  I've used Raygun with some success, but it's
tricky and I don't really consider it a professional level product.

There are many fine products out there, these are just the ones I have
personal experience with.

Dave Radlauer
Rhythm Productions