I am impressed with the Direct-X versions of the Algorithmix suite that I have
and DC6 (Diamond Cut 6) seems to be an interesting upgrade to DC5 which does a
lot of things well.

I haven't heard anything better than the Cedar DeClickl that Graham Newton
demonstrated for me last December for 78 ticks and pops, but then again, I
don't do grooved media.

For tape media, the Algorithmix suite is quite nice. I'm running most of the
private (i.e. family) oral histories through it...and many archives are
requesting I clean the tapes and provide both cleaned and uncleaned copies.

For bad taped media with really nasty coherent problems, the harmonic and notch
filters in DC5 are very useful. Of course, shotgunning too many harmonics when
its not needed will change the sound quality adversely.

I use HPWorks FFT software to help me understand the character of the noise.



Richard L. Hess

Quoting Dave Radlauer <[log in to unmask]>:

> In a message dated 6/8/04 9:01:39 PM, [log in to unmask] writes:
> << We're interested, for the sake of comparison, in taking the software route
> this time. Any experiences using CEDAR software, Sonic Laundry, and other
> programs at various budget levels would be very interesting. >>
> The Waves X-restoration bundle is a remarkable bargain and works very well.
> It should be used on a very up-to-date computer as you might note from its
> host requirements -- either native or in a Pro Tools TDM environment.
> It works very fast and is quickly undoable.  You can also easily use
> different settings on different parts of a file or piece of music, more
> aggressive
> processing where needed, less or none where material is less damaged.
> I agree with Ken Miller's comment onlist that Digidesign's DINR is not very
> useful, especially for its price.  I've used Raygun with some success, but
> it's
> tricky and I don't really consider it a professional level product.
> There are many fine products out there, these are just the ones I have
> personal experience with.
> Dave Radlauer
> Rhythm Productions