Thanks for the information on CD-Text Player and Manager.  That has been
passed on to our technicians.

Elliott Hancock
Assistant Manager
Ozark Folk Center
P.O. Box 500
Mountain View, AR 72560

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I was also having this problem but found a CD-Text Player & a CD-Text
Manager at this site which solved that problem.  You use the Manager first and then go to
player.  Also, it is a free download.

Then, I also discovered, that I needed to put in my CD-Text information
my digital editor so that it is burned to the CD-R.  I use Wavelab 4.
this helps.


Marie O'Connell
Sound Archivst
Mississippi Dept. Of Archives and History
200 North Street
Jackson, MS, 39201

Elliott Hancock wrote:

> What is the most reliable means of writing Identification tags to
> recorded on a CD-R?  What I would like to do is be able to place a
> that has been recorded, in a second computer and have it read the
> of the songs instead of track 1, track 2, etc.  We have been using
> 6 and have the boxes checked to write tags.  Sometimes it seems to
> Sometimes it doesn't.  We are also using a label writing program which
> will sometimes read the titles from the CD-R and sometimes only track
> numbers and times.   We are using 7 computers that are not all in the
> same location for our digitizing project and have outsourced reels to
> another technician who records to CD-Rs.  It would be useful to us to
> able to read the CDs on any computer for the necessary information.
> the other side of question, is there an ideal program for reading ID
> tags?
> Elliott Hancock
> Assistant Manager
> Ozark Folk Center
> P.O. Box 500
> Mountain View, AR 72560