Hello all,

I am in need of some assistance in transferring 15 reel to reel tapes I won on ebay into digital form either one big wav file that I would break up, or individual wav files or even a regular audio CD. These are recordings of cylinders made by a new hampshire collector in the seventies and copies were made by a Mr. Walter L. Welch.

I am looking for someone who can either lend/rent me some equipment and instruct me on its use or perform the transfers for me. I have very little in the way of budget so any and all generosity would be greatly appreciated!

I would consider trading the actual tapes as partial payment for the work. I am not overly concerned with the quality of the transfers, I understand that playing back tapes can be a very complex and exacting science. I am merely interested in bringing these recordings back to to be heard again.

I am located near New York City but would be willing to ship the tapes wherever they need to go. For more information and description of the tapes, please visit

I have estimated that there about 300-400 minutes of cylinders on these tapes. Please contact me off list. thanks!

Thanks very much.
Eugene Hertz