Speaking of storage media, can anyone tell me whether reel-to-reel should be put in special storage cases?  Most of our tapes are currently in the boxes the tape comes in.  We are planning a digitizing project and I am trying to calculate cost.  Any assistance would be helpful.

Donna Sinclair
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The only dumb question is the one not asked.

Have lurked for a while on the list.  

Recent comments about 78 storage in zip-loc bags prompts me to ask the following:

Can cd's, in their little jewel boxes, be safely stored in metal boxes?

I've been fotunate to be exposed in my lifetime to almost all the recording media.  Having accumulated a treasure of audio tapes over the last thirty years, has always made me allergic to magnets and metal boxes.

I presume CD's are plastic and the coating to be aluminum.

Comments appreciated.  

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