Jose M.,
Concerning editing the stylesheets in XmlSpy, the xsl document is an
xml document, but it does not need validation by the XmlSpy
validator. The XML declaration <?...?> is what is telling XmlSpy that
the document is XML. Because of this it trys to validate it.

Ignore the validation errors (doctype is used this way all the time).

If there are any errors in the stylesheet, the parser (SAXON) will
tell you when you try to use it.

The HTML stylesheet (EAD_2002_HTML_conv-1.xsl) is a sister to a PDF
stylesheet I have written. I am going to try to use the fo stylesheet
with XmlSpy and see what happens.

Mike Ferrando
Library of Congress
Washington, DC

--- JosÚ_Mariz <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Hi
> I'm using XMLSpy too, both v 4.3 and the free Home edition 2004.
> Trying to open EAD_2002_HTML_conv-1.xsl with it, both versions give
> the
> error message 'Invalid doctype declaration' (<!Doctype
> xsl:transform>).
> However, the "check for well formedness" says the file is well
> formed.
> Calling this stylesheet from an ead document produces a html file.
> I'm
> not yet sure that it works like I would expect as I'm trying to
> make
> some modifications to portuguese needs.
> Another issue with XMLSpy: using the stylesheet saxon02*.xsl brings
> the
> error message 'element saxon:output is not a recognized extension
> element'.
> On the other side, using eadcbs7.xsl brings the error message
> 'keyword
> xsl:template may not contain xsl:document'.
> Would anyone give me some help on this?
> Thank you
> JosÚ Mariz
> Av. Elias Garcia 78-4║
> 1050-100 LISBOA
> Portugal
> +351 21 797 23 40
> +351 96 364 94 86
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> Rebecca R.,
> You can use the HTML stylesheet (EAD_2002_HTML_conv-1.xsl) in my
> conversion package.
> It has been used in XMLSpy by a friend with no problems.
> You will need to use it with SAXON because of the
> unparsed-entity-uri() function.
> You can download the xsl stylesheet ( at
> the
> Library of Congress site. At the bottom of the page under
> "stylesheets".
> Mike F.
> Library of Congress
> Washington, DC

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