Jose M.,
After I saw your message about XmlSpy Home Edition 2004, I downloaded
the program. I did get it to run successfully using Instant SAXON and
my stylesheet. (per my previous posts)

Sounds like you still need to change the parser to SAXON.

Follow the instructions for the external parser again.

Once you do, click OK.
Then see if your settings were saved.

"/ead[1]/frontmatter[1]" and ead_2002_html_conv-1.xsl
1. No such syntax exists in my stylesheet.
2. <frontmatter> is matched for empty templates only.
3. You said you were editing the XSL. Maybe this is your syntax?
4. In accordance with current LoC practices <frontmatter> is not
used. Thus the HTML stylesheet does not need to find any instance of
it ([1]; [2]; etc.).
5. There would be no need to write such a path, since the DTD allows
the element only ONCE (1) as a child of <ead>. <frontmatter> cannot
be used in any other place in the tag set.
6. Try to validate your XML. If <frontmatter> appears twice in <ead>
it is invalid. It will not validate with a ead/frontmatter[2].

Keep trying with XML spy.

I checked with users I know, and they do not use XmlSpy to edit XSL
stylesheets. Maybe the FAQ is a sign that the program is not really
set up to validate XSL as XML.

Mike F.
Library of Congress
Washington, DC

--- JosÚ_Mariz <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Thank you all for the very useful help concerning Stylesheets,
> especially to Mike Ferrando.
> Some additional report:
> XMLSpy transforms na EAD instance with ead_2002_html_conv-1.xsl
> correctly. However it complains about a 'recoverable error'
> reporting an
> "ambiguous rule match for /ead[1]/frontmatter[1]: matches both
> 'frontmatter', line 266 and 'frontmatter', line 243". Perhaps this
> could
> be useful.
> The same files are not transformed by XMLSpy Home edition 2004,
> perhaps
> because it doesn't allow the assignement of an external XSLT
> program?
> Trying to open the same xml file directly (by doubleclicking it in
> Windows explorer) gets the error message 'The parameter is
> incorrect'.
> I'm afraid it is the same MSXML parser playing around. If it is,
> can I
> get rid of it and set SAXON as the default parser?
> Thanks again
> JosÚ Mariz
> Av. Elias Garcia 78-4║
> 1050-100 LISBOA
> +351 21 797 23 40
> +351 96 364 94 86

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