I decided to try out the XmlSpy Home Edition 2004.

I am running Windows XP operating system.

I wanted to test the "out-of-the-box" approach.

It was successful.

This time I didn't even choose the "Asign XSL".

I just clicked on the XSL button the tool bar and located the

This is even better since XmlSpy re-writes your XML if you Assign XSL
to your file. I don't know if it puts hard returns in your text nodes
or not. I think that XMetal does.

Here is my task sheet (below).

Note: When I uninstalled the Enterprise Edition, there were still
folders with files in them. These have to be deleted by hand. If you
don't the new install will not work. The key file still exists even
after you uninstall. This key file can only work if you have the
first edition you installed. In this case it was the Enterprise
Edition. When you try to open XmlSpy, you get a notice that the key
doesn't work for XmlSpy Home Edition and are directed to download the
XmlSpy Home Edition. Well, doesn't make sense, but when you delete
the left over files, everything runs smoothly per the task sheet

Mike Ferrando
Library of Congress
Washington, DC

1. Download XmlSpy Home Edition 2000 (Bottom of the page)
  File: XMLSPYHomeComplete2004.exe
2. Locate File (in your Documents folder probably)
3. Double Click on file.
4. Accept the Licensce agreement.
5. Next> (Don't change any default settings.)
6. Don't check the "Download Additional.."
7. Icon on Desktop: Double click to open
8. Click on button for 1.
9. Browser will open up to Altova site.
10. Fill out info. Submit
11. Go to e-mail address
12. Get Key syntax.
13. Click on button 2 (window should still be open)
14. Paste in syntax to key.
15. Click OK, (whatever the button is)
16. XmlSpy Home Edition should continue to open for you.

17. File>Open (locate c:\my_ead_2002_conv\archivsta_x.xml)
18. Click on green XSL on tool bar.
19. locate and select: c:\my_ead_2002_conv\EAD_2002_HTML_conv-1.xsl
20. Check out your Output.html finding aid.

--- JosÚ_Mariz <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Thank you all for the very useful help concerning Stylesheets,
> especially to Mike Ferrando.
> Some additional report:
> XMLSpy transforms na EAD instance with ead_2002_html_conv-1.xsl
> correctly. However it complains about a 'recoverable error'
> reporting an
> "ambiguous rule match for /ead[1]/frontmatter[1]: matches both
> 'frontmatter', line 266 and 'frontmatter', line 243". Perhaps this
> could
> be useful.
> The same files are not transformed by XMLSpy Home edition 2004,
> perhaps
> because it doesn't allow the assignement of an external XSLT
> program?
> Trying to open the same xml file directly (by doubleclicking it in
> Windows explorer) gets the error message 'The parameter is
> incorrect'.
> I'm afraid it is the same MSXML parser playing around. If it is,
> can I
> get rid of it and set SAXON as the default parser?
> Thanks again
> JosÚ Mariz
> Av. Elias Garcia 78-4║
> 1050-100 LISBOA
> +351 21 797 23 40
> +351 96 364 94 86

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