Maybe they should rename the attribute for linking purposes.

If suggestions are being taken about @LABEL inconsistencies in the
DTD, I would like @LABEL to become an attribute of DATE.

The reason is that sometimes dates are part of titles. UNITDATE is
not allowed as a child of TITLE. When you want to separate the
UNITTITLE information distinguishing TITLE from other parts, it seems
only logical to have the same @* available for DATE and UNITDATE to
distinguish datatypes.

@LABEL is the only attribute that is different between UNITDATE and
DATE elements.

Mike F.
Library of Congress
Washington, DC

--- Mark Carlson <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> In linking elements <extptrloc>, <extrefloc>, etc. available within
> <daogrp> and <linkgrp>, there is a "label" attribute that,
> according to
> the XLink Specifications ( "...provides
> a way
> for an arc-type element (<arc> in EAD) to refer to it in creating a
> traversal arc".
> In EAD, the "label"  attribute is defined as a "...display label
> ... when
> a meaningful label cannot be derived by the style sheet from the
> element
> name or when a heading element <head> is not available".
> This seems to be an inconsistent use of this attribute and it is
> not
> included under "linking attributes" although it clearly has that
> role.
> Should these attributes have different names in a future release of
> the
> EAD DTD to distinguish the two usages?
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