I'm using XMLSpy too, both v 4.3 and the free Home edition 2004.

Trying to open EAD_2002_HTML_conv-1.xsl with it, both versions give the
error message 'Invalid doctype declaration' (<!Doctype xsl:transform>).
However, the "check for well formedness" says the file is well formed.
Calling this stylesheet from an ead document produces a html file. I'm
not yet sure that it works like I would expect as I'm trying to make
some modifications to portuguese needs.

Another issue with XMLSpy: using the stylesheet saxon02*.xsl brings the
error message 'element saxon:output is not a recognized extension
On the other side, using eadcbs7.xsl brings the error message 'keyword
xsl:template may not contain xsl:document'.

Would anyone give me some help on this?

Thank you

JosÚ Mariz
Av. Elias Garcia 78-4║
1050-100 LISBOA
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Rebecca R.,
You can use the HTML stylesheet (EAD_2002_HTML_conv-1.xsl) in my
conversion package.

It has been used in XMLSpy by a friend with no problems.

You will need to use it with SAXON because of the
unparsed-entity-uri() function.

You can download the xsl stylesheet ( at the
Library of Congress site. At the bottom of the page under "stylesheets".

Mike F.
Library of Congress
Washington, DC