When: Tuesday July 6, 2004
Where: FLICC/FEDLINK Training Rm, LOC Adams Bldg. Rm. 216
Time: 9:30--11:30 AM and 1:30--3:30 PM
Registration: Call (202)707-4800 to register

Bowker: Workshop on Booksinprint & Ulrichsweb Tools Product Overview and Benefits:
Authoritative Content - more than 4.8 million titles including
in-print, out-of-print, e-books, audio books, videos, and on-demand
Timely Bibliographic Information - bibliographic
content is updated daily with over 90,000 updates per week to ensure
timely and accurate information for ordering.
Rich Bibliographic Content - provides a wealth of
bibliographic information that can help you enormously in collections
development, reference and acquisitions. This added information
Over 10,000 Author Biographies
Over 1,000,000 Annotations
Over 440,000 Cover Images
Over 400 Bestseller Lists and Awards are tracked and are browseable
Over 130,000 Tables of Contents
800,000 full-text reviews from 14 sources including Library Journal and
Choice (available with a subscription to with Reviews)

Save Time, Effort, and Staff Resources - provides
additional functionality that will save you time, effort and staff
resources. Such added features include:
Bowker's List facility - use the List feature to create, edit, email,
share, print and order download for acquisitions and collection
Download titles directly into your ILS from
Link to your OPAC through Bowker's Hooks-to-Holdings facility to
determine whether you have the title in your collection.
Quickly identify what you are looking for by utilizing Bowker's
Advanced Search Delimiters.
Check Availability and Stock Status through over 24
distributors/wholesalers, such as B&T, Blackwell, Alibris, Emery Pratt
and many more.
Order directly from within through Brodart, Emery
Pratt, Alibris (for rare and hard to find titles), AddAll (for
comparison shopping), and BookSurge (for Print-on-Demand).

Patron Friendly Service- patrons and librarians alike can use the
various featured rooms (Children's Room, Fiction Room and Forthcoming
Book Room) to research and identify titles they are interested in.
Intuitive Web Interface- makes locating titles simple and quick for
librarians and patrons.
Remote Access- enables librarians and patrons to search for books while
away from the library.
Comprehensive Publisher Information- detailed information on over
165,000 publishers enables you to easily contact them. Product Overview and Benefits:
Authoritative Content - full bibliographic information on over a
quarter of a million serials titles from around the world to help you
identify relevant serials for your collections.
Make informed serials selections - by viewing tables of contents,
article abstracts, reviews from Katz Magazines for Libraries and Library
Journal, and ISI impact factor (for mutual subscribers).
Locate publishers and prices easily- full publisher details and pricing
are provided.
Easy links to down to article level - for mutual subscribers to Serials
Solutions, Science Direct, Ingenta and more.
Share information with your colleagues and faculty - by creating lists
of relevant titles to email or download.
Intuitive Web Interface - makes locating titles, simple and quick for
librarians and patrons alike.
Determine whether you can obtain a journal from your library or another
library - link from Ulrichsweb directly to your OPAC or to WorldCat.

Ulrich's Serials Analysis System Overview and Benefits:
The Ulrich's Serials Analysis System allows libraries to analyze
their serials holdings against core academic titles found in the
Ulrich's database as well as the entire universe of serials.  This
powerful tool will help libraries to identify gaps in their collections,
assist them in the deselection and selection process, and enable them to
make more informed purchasing decisions from a credible frame of
reference.  Ulrich's Serials Analysis system enables libraries to save
considerable time, effort and resources in producing comprehensive
reports that can be used for budgetary justification, accreditation,
grant applications and administrative reviews.

Our past performance has proved to be effective with not only DOD and
Civilian agencies, but also at municipal and state levels.  The feedback
from our customers on Ulrichs Serials Analysis System has been extremely
positive; for example, in most cases, we can save weeks and months of
multiple people hours for intuitions that use this system.

Ulrich's Serials Analysis System Overview and Benefits:
Compare your serials holdings (print and electronic) to over 900
Ulrich's Subject Headings to help you:
Make confident selection and deselection decisions.
Identify gaps or redundancies in subject coverage
Create reports to justify funding requirements
Apply for grants
Compare journal publisher offerings by subject area
Create reports for the accreditation process

Save considerable amounts of time, effort and resources in managing
your print and electronic serials.
Provide administrators, faculty and others with reports evaluating the
quality of your collections.
Maintain a credible frame of reference for planning.
Evaluate your holdings against the Ulrich's Core (academic titles) or
Universe (all active titles) and filter by:
Ulrich's Subject Headings
Peer reviewed
ISI Impact Factor (mutual subscribers)
Katz Magazines for Libraries
Electronic availability
Share reports with colleagues, departments, and board members - anyone
evaluating the library serials holdings.

What does the service provide?
Powerful analytical reports on your serials holdings for
selection/de-selection decision-making
Unlimited user, site-wide access to - the most
comprehensive and authoritative serials database
ISSN reconciliation report and maintenance module

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