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Conversation: Cataloging Fixed-Fee and Subscription Pricing Quotes
Subject: Cataloging Fixed-Fee and Subscription Pricing Quotes Released

For all FEDLINK libraries cataloging on OCLC:

In April, OCLC provided fixed-fee/subscription quotes for FY2005.  By
this time, your library's FEDLINK point of contact will have a quote
sheet, a listing of covered cataloging product codes, and a renewal
notice if you are already using fixed-fee pricing.

The OCLC cataloging fixed-fee and subscription pricing options allow
FEDLINK members to know exactly how much they will pay for cataloging
for the coming fiscal year.  This year, OCLC is offering a subscription
option, as well as fixed-fee.  The quote represents the fixed-fee amount
for FY2005, as well as the annual cataloging subscription amount.  The
figure was based on a library' actual usage from January 1, 2003 through
December 31, 2003.  There are distinct differences between the options:

* Fixed-fee:  the amount will be re-calculated each year based on the
previous calendar year's actual usage, with a price increase added (this
year's price increase was 3 percent).  Access fees are additional, and
are assessed for actual time spent online.

* Subscription:  the amount quoted will be used as the base amount for
next year and subsequent years, with a price increase multiplier of not
more than 5 percent added (this year's price increase was 3 percent).
The amount will not be re-calculated next year, or in subsequent years.
Access fees, also billed on subscription basis, are additional, and will
be frozen at the level of actual time spent online during the period
used to calculate the FY2005 quote (January 1, 2003 through December 31,

Those with stable or increasing cataloging usage should seriously
consider the subscription pricing option.

FEDLINK Members already on fixed-fee pricing arrangement and wishing to
remain on it, do not need to do anything as renewal is automatic.  To
cancel the fixed-fee payment option and use  transaction pricing,
complete the "cancel" portion of the renewal notice and return it to
FEDLINK by fax on 202-707-4828 no later than Wednesday, June 23, 2004.
Those who wish to switch from fixed-fee to the new subscription option
should complete the order form (see below) and fax it to FEDLINK on
202-707-4828 no later than Wednesday, June 23, 2004.

How was the quote is calculated?
The quote is based upon annual transaction averages for about 80
covered product codes including online and offline product codes and
credits.  OCLC used the 12-month period of January 2003 through December
2003 to calculate the total number of transactions, applied current
fiscal year prices (i.e., FY2004), and then added a 3 percent pricing
adjustment (equivalent to the overall transaction pricing increase for

How is the amount is billed?
FEDLINK members have flexibility in setting the covered time period and
the number of installments.  The quoted amount for both the fixed-fee
and subscription options may be billed in a single annual payment, four
equal quarterly installments or 12 monthly payments.

How is an option requested?
To start or switch to using the fixed-fee or subscription option, users
need to complete the OCLC Fixed-fee/Subscription Pricing for Cataloging
order form, a fillable PDF form found at this URL: Users must adjust the
form to accommodate FEDLINK options.

Which option is recommended?
Users who meet the following criteria are good candidates for
cataloging fixed-fee or subscription pricing:
* have stable or increasing activity
* want predictable cataloging bills
* want to try additional cataloging products.
For those who expect to have decreasing usage, the quote may be too
high because it is based on higher usage during the last year.

For questions about individual agency quotations or assistance with the
form, contact Anne Harrison at FEDLINK (202-707-4834; [log in to unmask]) as
soon as possible.