While this is largely a library-oriented list, I thought someone might
be interested in this.

Under deadline pressures (because I couldn't get BiblioX* to do what I
want), I wrote my own XSLT stylesheet to format a journal article I
needed to submit:

It uses DocBook (+ the new citation support) for document and MODS for
bib data, which I xinclude in my docs.

It proved an interesting (and indeed successful) experiment to test my
ideas about formatting MODS records (that the bibtex et al notion of
typing is really limiting) using XSLT.  I just got stuck trying to
figure out a few details (outlined in the README).

Thanks to Andy S. for help on one tricky problem!

BTW, this sort of XSLT based formatting of citations can be easily
adapted to Word 2003, with its XML support.  I posted a schema for
citations that one Word 2003 user was able to use to add citations: