On Thu, 2004-06-10 at 11:05, Stephen Hearn wrote:
>  Should including a source of
> authority be mandated?

I suspect that while we librarians are thinking "authority" some others
are really looking for a way to move names out of bibliographic records
into a Names file. So there may be no source of authority other than
"this is the form I use in my file." As we know, that has some value for
personal names, for which there is some repetition (in spite of the fact
that the vast majority of book authors only write one book), but it
could have much more value for subjects and geographic names, for which
we can expect more repetition in a single database.

> Alternatively, why not permit multiple authorized and unauthorized forms,
> drop the <refs> tag as Bruce suggested, and use the record as a device to
> offer the user an expanded searching vocabulary rather than a single
> authorized form for a given entity or concept?

Doesn't this cause problems if you are also using the MADS records to
drive display? In that case, a single authoritative heading means that
you can link to the MADS record and know that your display will make use
of whatever is in the <authority> group. Otherwise you either have to
keep a display form in the record or you have to xlink to an individual

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