On Mon, 7 Jun 2004 07:55:22 -0400, "Andrew E Switala"
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> What are the <refs> and <otherElements> containers for?
> If related records are authoritative and variants are not authoritative,
> the relatedType and variantType attributes on <ref> are mutually
> exclusive.  It would be cleaner to just make two distinct elements:
> <ref type="earlier | later | parent org | broader | narrower | other">
> <variant type="acronym | abbreviation | translation | other">

I agree with this, and that ref ought to be called ¨referent¨(or whatever
it actually means).

Also, I think name handling is the weakest part of MODS.  I think I sent
Rebecca some comments on this privately, but don´t have them handy (am